"Keepers of the Dragon"

June 2002  Summer Issue

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June 2002

Summer Issue

The Navy Nuclear Weapons Bulletin is produced by the Associationís Board of Directors and is distributed free to NNWA members. 

  Edited by: E. S. Weaver

Presidentís Message

Ladies and Shipmates, We are fast approaching our next reunion in Las Cruces, NM. By now you have received all the information on the reunion. I hope that everyone will find it to their liking and join us for a great time. In the last bulletin I outlined a number of goals that your Board of Governors were going to be working on. I am pleased to report to you that they have completed action on all of those goals and two additional ones as outlined below:

1)       The association was incorporated in the State of Delaware on April 3, 2002.

2)       The NNWA website is up and running. www.navynucweps.com

3)       The business card with membership information on the back has been distributed.

4)       Terms of office have been established for Board members and are included in the new by-laws.

5)       Revised the by-laws and they are included in this newsletter for your review. They will be voted on by the attending membership at the Las Cruces meeting. (Go to the bylaws)

6)       Membership has increased by approximately 12%, which exceeded our goal..

7)       A PAO release was developed and sent to some 34 Magazines and Newspapers.

8)       A NNWA decal has been designed and is available for purchase.

As you see your Board of Governors has been very active since the last reunion and they deserve a well-earned pat on the back. Chuck Weber deserves a special well done for his leadership in getting the Incorporation of the association completed and in such a short time. BRAVO ZULU Chuck.

  I'm pleased to announce that Paulette (Osborne) Picoult, from McAlester, will host the 2003 reunion in Branson, Mo. She will be assisted by "The McAlester Crew" Lavon Dyer, Ike Eisenhauer, Jim Featherston, Lawrence Johnson, and Roy (Ozzie) Osborne. Paulette will provide a overview of the plans at our next meeting in Las Cruces.

I hope to see you all in Las Cruces.    Jim Hambley


24-29 SEPTEMBER 20002

Information has been mailed

Bill & Nina Grizzard and Mike and Joyce Seitz

Chaplain's Corner

As we honor those who made the supreme sacrifice and pay tribute to them that we may live in the greatest Nation on earth, may we also remember their loved ones in our prayers.  Also let us all be preayerful for members of our Armed Forces who stand on the front line in defense of our Country and freedom throughout the world.

We pray God will richly bless each of us as we pause to give thanks for His love, blessings and many privileges we enjoy.  It is my hope that our association members will offer a special prayer for those who have joined the Staff of the Supreme Commander since our last reunion.  TOM BEST and SPARKIE HAUKEREID.  May God bless their loved ones, comfort them and provide their every need.  May God bless America and our leaders

From the Historian

1) I've received a few historical profiles from new members recently, but not in the numbers equal to the total of new folks.  Please send your profiles to me with as much detail as possible.  The NNWA is very interested in what you did in the NW program, when and where.

2)The NNWA has embarked on a new project to identify as many participants in the Navy Nuclear Weapons program as possible.  With the active members in the organization we should be able to develop a pretty big list of sailors and civilians who served in the program.  NNWA would like to hear abut people you knew by name, rank, rate, ship/station, date, whether that person was a career participant, and is he/she living or deceased.  Copies of pages of cruise books will go a long way toward satisfying this request.  Please start dumping your memories onto paper.  Send me you lists or cruise book page copies.

3) Bring your cruise books and memorabilia to Las Cruces for show-and-tell.  They make great conversation starters.  You might also consider donation to the NNWA collection.  Copies of documents are great too.  Mike Snyder, P.O. Box 226, Ashton, MD 20861. Home 301-570-0242 Work 202-862-3301.  michael.d.snyder@lmco.com


Ray C. Margeson - Board Member and Webmaster

We have had a good year - and it just looks like it will culminate with a great reunion in Las Cruces.

Our website www.navynucweps.com continues to evolve - but it will take everyone's cooperation to keep it vital and useful.  If you have anything to offer for our website - let me know!  Mike Snyder continues to gather historical information n, but he really needs your remembrances.  We look for pictures that we can put in the photo archives section.  We need for information on our Staff of the Supreme Commander listing - if you know when a member passed or what was their final rank - let us know.  We offer a Locator Service that we hope will reach our fro that missing shipmate.  If you have a photo of something you can't identify or looking for other help - let us know, we can put it on our Looking for Help page.  We have our Roster of Members to help you find out who else is a member.

If we don't have your address or phone number or e-mail address on our roster, it is because we won't post it without your specific permission.  If you want any or all of them published, e-mail me at rmargeson@aol.com or just click on a Webmaster link on the website.

The website can be come a useful tool for our members - but we need to know what you need and you need to use it.

NNWA Logos for Sale

NNWA logos are available as embroidered patches (5" diameter) as both the original NNWA Association Logo and also the newer yellow logo "Keepers of the Dragon."  The price is $5.00 per logo (mix and match) plus $1.50 shipping handling for up to 5 logos

Also newly available is a 5" vinyl decal suitable for a car window.  It depicts the official logo with the website URL at the bottom.  It sells for $3.25 including shipping.  Contact the Master at Arms to place your order:

  • Frank Cantrell (864)859-3056

  • 2772 Greenville Highway

  • Liberty, SC 29657

 WELCOME to new members/reinstatements who have joined NNWA since the reunion.  They are:

Robert P. Daigle Douglas E. Carroll Jerry E. Beckley Jessie Jamison Chitwood
James E. Pierce J. D. Hunnicutt, Jr. Stephen P. Davis O. Davis "Dave" Brown
Harry J. Rosensteel Larry K. Wisian Ed W. Brown Lynn T. Rivenburg
Derrell S. Gilliam Daniel E. Fritz Archie J. Anderson Myron F. Schnackenberg
Michael A. Layne John W. Douglas Justin (Jud) Fager William Keith Thexton
Odell G. Love, Sr. Frank Costello Rollie K. Goering   Gayle F. Jolley
Terry Brady Tom Connelly Wallace G. Johnson Robert O. McGee, Jr.
Robert A. Castillo Stephen N. Harris Henry W. Snapp Salvadore John Fedele
Bruce Derr Ralph Taylor Joel B. Dibble William F. Vines
R. J. Ritter Thomas E. Ewing Larry Wayne Woods Jim Williamson
David C. Pirie Neil D. Baliber Edward J. Hamilton Dan G. Boyer
David Gerald Burns Richard H. Clark

Membership Report

As we go to press, we have 320 Regular members whose DUES are paid through 2002 and beyond, 10 Associate members and 31 LIFE members.  Delinquent memberships are:  36 paid throough 2001 and 21 paid through the year 2000.  We saddened to have to drop former members who were 3 or more years delinquent in paying dues and who had not responded to our correspondence.  Every member is encouraged to solicit eligible friends to join our association as new members, and keep in touch with friends who are former members and urge them to reinstate in NNWA.

If you are wondering what year your dues are paid through, the year is listed with your name on your address label on this bulletin.





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