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President:          Jim Hambley  (757) 340-6909                        Webmaster:  Ray Margeson  (607) 732-0579


Vice President:  William (Bill) Grizzard  (505) 527-1162      Treasurer:  Frank Kelly  (843) 378-4026


Secretary :          David L. Cobb  (352) 753-3285                   Chaplain:   Philip  Markin  (775) 777-8637


Master at Arms: Frank Cantrell  (864) 859-3056                    Historian:   Michael D. Snyder (301) 570-0242


Service Officer:   Chuck Weber  (570) 722-0212                     Board Member:   Lou Rivera  (732) 872-9075


The Navy Nuclear Weapons Bulletin is produced by the Association’s Board of Directors and is distributed free to NNWA members.  Edited by: Dave Cobb.



Notice – If any member has received a solicitation for money through the mail from anyone associated with the NNWA, please be aware that this is not through an authorized use of our mailing list and the Board of Directors is addressing the matter.  You are cautioned not to respond to any such solicitation.  Everyone is advised that the member contact information listed on our website is to be used ONLY for personal social contact and for official organization business, never for commercial or other financial activities. 


The Presidents Message


Ladies and Shipmates,

I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Our last reunion in San Diego was a great success and I would like to thank Allen and Diane Maxwell and all those who made it a success.


The 2006 NNWA Reunion will be held in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin September 20-23, 2006.  Bill Beard is the reunion host and is hard at work getting together what he says is going to be one great reunion. For those who would like to review what is available in Wisconsin Dells can access their web site at As firm information becomes available it will be provided to you. So let's all plan on attending and have fun.


It's time again for us to set our goals for the next year as we have done in the past. I have reviewed the goals of the past several years and most of the goals we have established have been completed. There are a few that are still in the process of development, which are listed below. The goals for this year are as follows:

  1. Continue the development of a SOP/Board of Directors resolution document.
  2. Continue to develop a listing of all individuals who worked in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Program (Navy, Marines and Civilians). Mike Snyder is developing this listing and is in need of inputs from the membership.

  1. Look into the procurement of additional NNWA Logo items such as: sweatshirts, windbreaker jacket, T- shirts, etc.
  2. Finalize and publish the NNWA reunion-planning guide.
  3. Continue our membership drive.


I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in September


Jim Hambley



Service Officer’s Report January 2006


Fellow Dragon Keepers,


Please find below a few items that I think you may find of interest along with some of my editorial comments regarding them.


Yours in service,


Chuck Weber

Service Officer


(So you know, this month I have had my credentials as a Registered Veterans Service Officer renewed for another five years.  Ed.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tricare for Life (TFL) and the NEW MEDICARE PART D.  According to the Tricare website ( most Tricare beneficiaries will not benefit by purchasing Part D coverage for prescription drug costs.  The one exception may be for those with limited income and assets who qualify for Medicare’s extra help plan.  In any case, the enrollment period for Part D coverage ends on May 15, 2006.


Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) increases for 2006’s retired pays, VA disability pays, Social Security etc. were unexpectedly high (4.1%) following the economic inflationary impacts on energy costs after Hurricane Katrina.  (This is the largest COLA in 15 years.  Ed.)


Veterans’ Survivors have a new place to find out about their benefits.  The VA has created the new website with clear, easy-to-read benefits information.


VA Pharmacy Co-Pay Fees have been increased from $7 to $8 per prescription per month.

(There are also provisions for VA to automatically raise the co-pay further; however, many are working at changing that provision.  Ed.)


VA Pharmacy Refills may now be ordered on line at .  You can also manage your medications and maintain a health care information journal at the site.  (I have used this myself and found it to be very useful.  Ed.)


FY 2006 National Defense Authorization Act is still stalled (as of this writing) in Congress and, among other things, delays several initiatives in the Survivor’s Benefits Plan.  (Now at gridlock for several months and Congress hasn’t moved an inch.  Ed.)


FY 2006 Veterans Affairs Appropriation Act is close to passage with the Senate’s recently passed bill which is to be reconciled with the House’s bill passed last May.  The Senate plan gives $70.7B to the VA ($36.7B for mandatories and $34B for discretionaries).  The House version calls for $20B for Health programs.  A joint panel is working on reconciling the two bills.


Veterans Disability Benefits Commission (VDBC) was created in 2005’s Defense authorization and is studying benefits for veterans and their survivors for disabilities and death.  .  VDBC first met in May 2005 and was required to submit its final report to the President by August 2006.  It has already admitted delays and has asked Congress to extend its required reporting date by one year!.  This will undoubtedly delay further progress in concurrent receipt and disability compensation issues. (Editorial commentary - I personally hope Congress says no and tells them to finish their assignment on time!  Can you imagine telling your CO a year in

advance that you can’t get your job done on time and then asking for another year as an extension?  NO?  Me either.  Ed.)


New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina Aftermath.  Due to the devastation of the area, the entire Naval Reserve Personnel Center complex has relocated from NOLA to the former NAS area in Millington, TN.  See .


BRAC has withstood a last minute attempt to halt its progress and this allows DOD to go ahead with the recommended base closures.  See for the list of bases to be closed


Retiree Pay Statements.  You may have noticed a change in your pay notice from DFAS, especially if you receive CRDP payments/offsets to VA compensation.  The two payments are now combined and taxed.  If you’re confused, see or call 800-321-1080. Here is the CRDP Payment Schedule for this year, next and the year of final restoration – 2014.


VA Rating

















































(The above delayed implementation of pay could disappear, of course, if the Congress and the VDBC could get their jobs done on time.  Ed.)


Aging Veterans…today, 9.6M veterans are 65 or older.  This represents 38% of all veterans.  By 2030 the number over 65 will increase to 45%.  The VA has a Geriatric program studying the effects of aging in order to meet the needs of our aging veterans’ population.


Trying to get copies of your military records?  See the new automated website at .  This precludes the need for filling out the SF180 for most requests.


Webmaster Report


Happy New Year Shipmates!!  We have another year to excel as an association.  Our website, is one of the primary tools of communication we have.  As a reminder, if you don’t have a computer or don’t have Internet access, there are other points of access to the Internet.  Don’t forget your local library, a helpful neighbor, the local Internet café; these are all places you can get to the Internet and our web site.


Thanks to the support of many of our members, we have posted over 110 photos of the San Diego reunion.


We have had almost 48,000 hits on our website!  We are average over 32 hits a day – and as they say, “…that ain’t bad!”


We continue to offer more than just photos of reunions.  Check out our Links page, our web site can be your gateway to many site of interest – and don’t forget to check out the guest book!


I always welcome suggestions (and mild criticism).  If you have something you would like added to the site, let me know.  For example, as of the last reunion, we will post on the website home page the names of any of our members who have been transferred to the Staff of the Supreme Commander and that posting will remain there for about 60 days.  In the past, you would have had to review the Memorial page on the website to find out who we lost.


One last point and an important reminder to you; check out your listing in the roster on the website.  If your listing is incorrect, please let me know.  Also, if you wish to have your address or phone or e-mail addressed published in the web site’s roster, please e-mail and specifically request that publishing.  We publish only name and dues expiration date on the website without permission to publish more.


Ray C. Margeson


Secretary Report               




Navy Nuclear Weapons Association business meeting was held at Best Western 7 Seas in San Diego, California.  Meeting was called to order at 0905 with all Board Members present except F. Cantrell, and attended by 29 members in good standing.


The President asked for all present to stand for opening prayer by Chaplain Phil Markin, followed by the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag.  All present remained standing as Phil Markin and Ray Margeson conducted the 2-Bell ceremony to honor our shipmates who transferred to the Supreme Commander’s Staff:  LCDR JOE BLAND,  HOWARD OLIEN,  CPO WILLIAM H. SAPP,  ERNEST QUECK,  GMTC ROBERT KOLER,  LCDR JOSEPH O. FRAZEE,  GMTCM GRADEN O. GROOMS,  GMTCM LOU CATRON, and Life Member Mrs ERNETT CHRANE.


The President called for introduction of new members…there were none in attendance.


The minutes of the 2004 business meeting were read by the Secretary, R. Samsel, and accepted as read.  The Secretary had no additional information to report.


The Treasurer report was submitted by Treasurer Frank Kelly and accepted by the membership.  Motion was made, seconded and approved by the Membership to pay all unpaid bills. The Vice President Bill Grizzard reported an audit was conducted prior to the meeting by himself and Director Dave Cobb and reported the financial report as complete and accurate. 


The President reported on the 2005 Association accomplishments as follows:

  1. Development of the SOP/BOD Resolution Document is still in the working phase.
  2. Newly approved Operational By-Laws have been completed.  The duties of several Board Officer Positions were developed and approved by the President as authorized by the membership at the 2004 Business Meeting.  They are included in the new By-Laws and are available for review by the Membership.
  3. Purchase of the Logo Ball Caps is complete and available for membership purchase through the Association Storekeeper.
  4. The formalization of a NNWA Reunion Planning Guide/Check sheet is complete.
  5. We increased our membership by 33 in the past year.



The President thanked Allen and Diane Maxwell for all their efforts in organizing this year’s reunion and gave them a big Bravo Zulu.

The President thanked Sid Hart for volunteering to transport and sell the NNWA Logo items at this year’s reunion.  Thank you again for all of your help.



As the first order of new business the President announced that 5 positions were open on the board and up for election by the Membership.  He informed the Membership that, in accordance with the By-Laws, the following Officer positions were also up for election by the new Board during the Board Meeting to follow the general meeting.

Vice President…Secretary…Treasurer…Historian…Webmaster.


He informed the Membership that Frank Kelly, Mike Snyder and Ray Margeson agreed to remain on the board if reelected, and strongly recommended their reelection. He then turned the gavel over to the Nominations and Election Chairman Chuck Weber to conduct appropriate nominations and elections.


“As the first order of new business, President Jim Hambley called for the nominations and election of members of the Board as required in the by-laws.  He provided an overview of the positions open.  He then passed the gavel to Nominations & Elections Chairman Chuck Weber.  An overview of the responsibilities of being a Board member was given, followed by nomination and voting procedures.  Three calls were made for nominations for each of the five open board member positions. Five separate nominees accepted. They were: Bill Grizzard, Frank Kelly, Mike Snyder, Ray Margeson and Lou Rivera.  These nominees were unopposed for their respective positions and the Chair requested that a motion be made from the floor stipulating for the Secretary to cast a ballot in favor of each nominee representing the unanimous consent of the membership.  That motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.” 


Following a detailed review to those present, by Chairman Weber, of appropriate By Laws relative to NNWA elections and the responsibilities of the general Membership and Board members, he made three calls for nominations for each of the 5 open Board positions.  Five separate nominees were accepted:  Bill Grizzard, Frank Kelly, Mike Snyder, Ray Margeson and Lou Rivera. These five nominees accepting and being unopposed, Chairman Weber requested a motion from the floor stipulating the Secretary cast a ballot in favor of each nominee representing the unanimous consent of the Membership.  Motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.


Service Officer Chuck Weber reported on various topics of interest to the Membership, including a recommendation to shop for the most acceptable source of medical treatment by members eligible for VA treatment, and the how and why of each member obtaining various service records, especially form DD 214.


Ray Margeson reported that we are actually getting more traffic to our website ( and we are ahead of our normal yearly average – that’s great!  Ray encouraged the membership to regularly visit the website and to submit any ideas for changes to the website.  He emphasized that the web site is designed to be a resource for the membership and the better that goal is fulfilled; the better will be our website.


One change that will be implemented this next year will be the posting, on the home page, the name of any member who passes away.  It is realized that the necessity to review the entire memorial list to check on recent departures is difficult.  The home page posting will be on there for about 1 month.  The regular entry will also be put on the memorial page as well.


Finally, Ray emphasized the importance of ensuring that the Association has your current and correct e-mail address.  All members are requested to review the rosters and also the web site to ensure that your e-mail address is up-to-date.  Remember, we do not publish anything more than your name and date of dues expiration on the web site roster unless we receive your specific permission.


The President advised the Membership that the 22nd (2006) NNWA Reunion will be in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, September 20 thru 23, 2006, tentatively hosted by Bill Beard.  Additional information on this reunion will be provided as it becomes available.


The President announced the 23rd (2007) NNWA Reunion will be in the Eastern Region, at Niagara Falls, hosted by Ray and Mary Margeson, with the 24th (2008) Reunion to be in the Western Region. John Gray volunteered to host this reunion in the Seattle, Washington area.


There was short discussion relative to potential changes relative to the maintenance and distribution of the membership roster.  The President said the Board based on Membership suggestions would further discuss decisions on this matter for action.


There being no further New Business, the President called for closing prayer by Chaplain Phil Markin and adjourned the meeting at 1010 hours.



David L. Cobb



  Treasure Report

  Frank Kelly


As the keeper of the membership roster and the treasurer let me welcome the new members that have joined our organization since the last newsletter.

Lawhead Raymond B.

 Burns Bobby G.

Brents Bruce K.

Raikowski Howard R.

Ovellette Gearld W.

Hilton Robert R.

Johnson Richard L.

Seig Debra J.

Page Robert L.

Gabbard W. “Alex”

Buck Douglass F.

Higgings Pat M.

McCarron John “Jack”

Malir Larry O.

Corona Peter H..

Schuster Lloyd E.

Curtis Ronald W.

Ussery James D.


We now have 538 on our NNWA membership roster. 491 regular members, 34 life members, 13 associate members, Currently 205 members are in the arrears with their Dues. 17 since 02,   24  since 02,  45 since 03,  61 since 04,  58 since 05.  If  you  are unsure if your dues are paid up to date and receive your Bulletin by mail. The date on the colored sticker on your Bulletin shows the month and year through which you dues are paid. If the year is 01 thru 05 your dues are delinquent.  If you receive your Bulletin electronically and wish to know if your dues are due.  Log onto our website:  The last column on the right of the members roster by your name tells you your dues due date. Some of our members find it  convenient to pay several years in advance. This can save you postage and the treasurer lots of time. Past Policy has been to drop members who are three or more years in the arrears. This is an effective policy mostly due to the expense of mailing Bulletins and reunion information. A current membership is posted on our web site. Members who are not on line may request a hard copy of the of the membership roster by calling or writing.  Frank M. Kelly, 1087 Frank Kelly Road,  Society Hill, SC,  29593  Phone # 843-378-4026.


                                                                        Financial Report







Balance fwd



2005 Reunion Refund


Reunion Advance Return



Banquet 05 Reunion


2005 Reunion





Bar Stock San Diego



Dinner Dance (band)







New Members



Guest Speaker (Reunion)


Reunion    -    50/50



Secretary Advance


Storekeepers Sales



Shipping of supplies





Tours (Reunion)





Web site Accounting


Total Income



Total Expenses







Balance on Hand










The 22nd Annual Reunion will be in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, September 20-23, 2006.

Check for the latest information.






August 01, 2014


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