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Vice President:    William (Bill) Grizzard  (505)527-1162  Treasurer:           Frank Kelly  (843)378-4026


Secretary :          David L. Cobb   (352)753-3285              Chaplain:             Lonnie O. Cucinitti (972)417-7216


Master at Arms:          Frank Cantrell  (864)859-3056       Historian:            Michael D. Snyder (415)456-2876


Service Officer:   Chuck Weber  (570) 722-0212                  Board Member: Lou Rivera


The Navy Nuclear Weapons Bulletin is produced by the Association’s Board of Directors and is distributed free to NNWA members. 

Edited by: Dave Cobb


The Presidents Message


Shipmates and Ladies,


We are fast approaching our next reunion in Niagara Falls which Kitty and I are looking forward to and I hope everyone is planning on attending. Think of it as a second honeymoon or for that matter maybe your first. Ray and Mary Margeson have put together what I think is going to be a great reunion. You will find all the information about the reunion in this bulletin. So look it over and make all your selections and send in your reservation form as soon as you can.


The Board of Directors has been looking into the feasibility of developing a photo roster of the membership and their spouses/significant other. As we looked at the overall cost to produce a hard copy of a photo roster it was very obvious that it would be cost prohibitive. Also, it is going to be a multiyear effort and requires all members to provide the Board a photo and give their permission to publish it in a roster format. At this juncture, we envision it to be a digitized roster that can be put on a CD, which would be made available to the membership. We were thinking about putting it on our website but, that could present some additional security risk to our membership. However, when we get the photo roster near completion we will revisit the option of putting it on the website with security enhancements.


I would like all members to send the NNWA Secretary, Dave Cobb, a 3x5 or 5x7 photo of yourself and your spouse/significant other that you would like published in the photo roster.. If you would like to have the photo returned, please let Dave know. For those members who attended the 2006 reunion in Wisconsin Dells, we have on file the portrait photos that were taken and included in the Reunion CD’s. These photos could be used if authorized by the member. The photo’s can also be sent to Dave via e-mail if desired. If you have any questions, please give Dave or me a call or drop either of us a line either by snail mail or e-mail.


The Board has approved and purchased a NNWA LOGO coffee cup to be provided, at no cost, to each member in good standing. The coffee cup will be given to each member attending the Niagara Falls reunion and mailed to all other members after the reunion.


There is a proposed Bylaws change notice in this bulletin. Please review and provide the Board of Directors any comments/recommendations. Also, for those attending the annual business meeting in Niagara Falls please be ready to vote on the proposed change.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Niagara Falls.


Jim Hambley


From the Desk of the NNWA Vice President

    Time flies when you are having fun... especially a true statement when at the Navy Nuclear Weapons Reunions.  I have attended every Reunion since Oklahoma in 1995 and plan to continue each year from now on -health permitting of course.  'Tis a rare experience to see and visit with Shipmates from almost 50 years ago (47 actually) -at least nine from 1960 on the same ship, USS Kittyhawk (CVA 63).  Each reunion brings back new memories of great times past.  Most of all, the Reunions make me appreciate what we all did in Service to our Country.  Hope to see more of y'all at future Reunions.  Fair winds and following seas to all.  Bill



The NNWA Historians report by Mike Snyder


If you take time to look at the NNWA website's History section you will find some brand new material provided by a friend of the Association, Paul Roales.  Looking for interesting original signatures, he purchased the records of Lt. Donald Lindberg on E-Bay and found a treasure of documents, orders, letters and data relating to the early nuclear weapons program.  Mr. Roales very kindly contacted me and provided copies of material from the record.  Dating from 1948 when Lt. Lindberg was directed to AFSWP by the Chief of Naval Operations, we have on display his original orders, his Q Clearance certificate (Yes, Q Clearance which settles a long-standing dispute among some members), a unique authorization to visit Mexico, courier letter, and several others.  Take the time to visit and look at the history section.


In March, 2002 I received a phone call from Daryl Cook one of our members in Albuquerque.  As he spoke I took notes as best I could and later cleaned them up to save.  Here are some excerpts from that conversation with a few updating items in parens. 


Daryl was ordered into SWU 471 in 1951.  Members of the team that he was able to remember tonight included Cdr. Gould, E9 Slaughter, Barret and perhaps CDR Cummins. 


He was attached to G team which had about 26 men.  G team was relieved by H team on a carrier (Ticonderoga) in Quonset Point, RI.  The relief took about 4 hours.  The team was enroute to Albuquerque by airplane when they learned there had been an accident aboard the ship.  A hydraulic aircraft catapult had exploded, killing between 100 and 150men.  Three or four of the men were from the H Team.  Two men he knew, Pappy Shaw and Joe Kegler were aboard, but not hurt.  One of them spent more than 24 hours in the bomb elevator before being rescued.  The G Team leader, Cdr. Gould had the plane turned around and returned to RI where they were refused admittance to the ship.  They were interrogated by the investigating team and drew diagrams of where components were stowed in the ship.  The interrogation took about 6 hours.  They then reboarded the plane and went to Albuquerque.  It appears the Cdr. Gould was disciplined for going back to RI. 


Cook was ordered to escort some classified material to Vietnam during the war.  Upon arrival he met CDR. Cummins at an operations site.  Cummins knew that no GMTs were allowed in-country and ordered him out.  Cook told him about a GMTC John W. Roberts who was in-country tending guard dogs.  When Cummins found out about Roberts he ordered him out of the country too.  They both were on a plane within 4 hours. 


Cook was also in the recovery group that was ordered to Greenland to recover weapons from a downed Air Force B-52.  He said about 5000 men were involved(He attributed his significant health problems directly to this operation). 


Talking about B-52s, Daryl said owned one once.  While at Albuquerque he was told to interface with the Air Force and an aircraft bone yard to acquire some aircraft for training purposes.  He signed for and had delivered a B-52, a Voodoo, and an SF-2 Tracker.  The B-52 is the same one that is (was in the front yard of the museum at Albuquerque before the museum was moved downtown).  He is now trying to find and deliver the ownership documents to the base commander. 


Please visit our memorabilia collection while in Niagara Falls.  You will find many more personal accounts like this in our possession. 


Allow me to use this opportunity to again request all members of the NNWA take time to write of your experiences in the Special Weapons Program.  We all have unique memories that should be saved, if not for posterity, at least for our grandchildren.  It doesn't have to be literature; bulletized lists of what you did and saw and where you were will suffice.  You are the only one who can do it!


One last item.  Bring your cruise books to Niagara Falls!  They make great conversation pieces.  It will also give me the opportunity to copy the W Division pages for our ongoing project of collecting as many names as possible of persons who participated in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Program. 


Mike Snyder

58 West Crescent Drive

San Rafael, CA 94901



Navy Nuclear Weapons Association

Service Officer’s Report June 2007

Service Officer’s Report


VA Funding – Rep. Hare (D-IL) has introduced an Assured VA Funding Bill which would require mandatory funding to the VA each year.  Currently, VA funding is not required by law.


VA Clinics – In an effort to bring VA health care and benefits to veterans living in more rural areas, the VA continues to open satellite clinics centered by its regional medical centers.  Recently, 38 new clinics have been opened in 22 states.  Check your local VAMC to see about your area.


VA Claims – The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have continued to stretch thin the VA claims process system.  In 2006 the VA processed 775,000 claims.  The backlog currently stands at over 600,000.  The average processing time for a claim is 177 days and 657 days for an appeal.  Remember that an approved claim or appeal is paid back to the date it was submitted.


VA Cemeteries – All deceased service members who served their country honorably are entitled to be interred in a veterans’ cemetery.  To serve the ever increasing need, the VA has opened a new cemetery in Dixon, CA (Sacramento Valley) and has purchased land for a new one in Sarasota County, FL.  The House of Representatives has also approved HR 1660 which would authorize a new cemetery in South Eastern Colorado.


VA Chiropractic Care – This is currently available in only a few VA Medical Centers, however HR 1470 requires that all VAMCs provide this care by 2011.


Tricare fees – As predicted, the Task Force on Military Health Care has revealed its support for increasing all Tricare premiums, fees and co-payments for military retirees under the age of 65.  Fortunately, the House passed its version of the FY2008 National defense Authorization Act and it does not support these increases.


Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy – Several more drugs have been place in Tier 3 status, requiring you to check again with your prescribing physician and bear increased costs.  They are:

Ambein CR, Betinol, Emsom, Istalol, Roserem, Sonata, Travatan, Travatan Z, and Ultram ER.


Passports – Get yours NOW!  Don’t wait for the rush when the rules are all implemented later this year.  Currently it takes ten weeks to get one – you know it will take longer later.


Service Medals – Do you want to leave your military service medals to your grandchildren?  And you go looking for them and you can’t find them.  So you check on the Internet and go into sticker shock when you see how much it will cost to replace them.  Right?  Lost and damaged medals may be replaced for FREE by the government.  They may charge you for some US issued ribbons and you will need to buy foreign awards on your own.  For your second free issue fill out a Standard Form 180 (available for download at:

Fill out the form completely; add a copy of your DD-214 & DD-215 and any other documents authorizing your awards.  Send to the Navy office address listed on the form.


COLA – Not the Coke or Pepsi type but the annual cost-of-living-allowance increase to our military retirement, VA benefits and Social Security payments.  Even with the increase in cost of oil, so far this year the prediction is that the 2008 COLA will only be between 1.2% and 1.4%.


DFAS – The good folks who send us our retirement checks are moving their website.  Get good and current information on military retired pay at .


Pneumonia shots – Yeah, so you get your flu shot every year and think you’re taking care of yourself.  As we get older pneumonia becomes a severe threat to our health.  You can get a shot that will probably protect you for the rest of your life (depending on your age now.)  Medicare Part B will pay for it and it’s free if you use the VA health care system.  Get it now!


Reminder – Last year I advised you to continuously check your credit report following the big VA personal data loss.  Remember?  Did you do it?  Why not?  There have been several lesser leaks of personal data in the past year and you will be sorry if your identity is ever stolen.  You are entitled to a free annual credit report (but not a credit score) from each of the three credit reporting bureaus.  Either call one of them or go to .  DO NOT go to which will wind up charging you for the same thing.  Please do it now!


Did you know – that our current military personnel only represent 0.84% of the total population and 2.83% of the draft eligible population?  Thank them the next time you see them.


Most ridiculous item of the day – I don’t know about you, but this one drives me crazy.  You may remember how long it took to put up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (the Wall) in Washington, DC to remember those who fought in the most unpopular War in our history.  Then the female veterans of that War did not think they were sufficiently represented so we got the female’s memorial nearby.  Now there is an action committee to memorialize the 4,900 military working dogs who participated in that war. So don’t be surprised if you are asked to donate to the War Dog Memorial Fund.  As for me, I just lift my leg on the whole idea.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Please, no hate mail from all you MWD handlers.  That’s all folks.


Yours in service,


Chuck Weber

NNWA Service Officer


2007 Board of Directors Nominations Notice


The NNWA Bylaws require that half of our Board of Directors positions must stand for Election each year.


This year there are five positions up for election.  If you wish to nominate someone for The Board, please submit the nomination to me by email at NNWASO@PTD.NET and I will contact the individual to confirm their acceptance of the nomination.


Nominations will again be opened at the annual business meeting and additional nominations may be made from the floor then.  All nominees will need to be present at the meeting OR they may submit a letter in advance to the Board stating that they are willing to accept the nomination for a position on the Board if they are unable to attend the meeting.  Voting will occur under new business at the business meeting.  Following the business meeting, the Board then meets to elect its open officer positions.


I have contacted our current Board members regarding their interest in remaining on the Board.  The Board may make nominations for continuance at the annual business meeting.


There are conditions precedents to being elected to the Board of Directors:

1.                  the nominee must be a regular member in good standing with currently paid dues, and

2.                  the nominee must have email capability (due to electronic voting requirements of our incorporating State).


Again, the strength of our association lies in the strength of our members who are willing to volunteer their time to further our association’s goals.  If you are personally willing  (or know another member who may be willing) to serve our association, please do not hesitate to contact me.


For planning purposes, I will need to receive this contact by the end of August.


Chuck Weber

Chairman, Nominations & Elections


2007 By-Laws Amendment Notice



In accordance with NNWA By-Laws Article VII, the Board of Directors provides the following required notice for amendment of Bylaws:



Current Provision




SECTION 3. EX-OFFICIO. The Immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio member of the Board. This member shall be entitled to participate in the deliberations of the Board, but shall have no vote, unless that individual shall otherwise be serving an elected term on the Board.



Proposed Amendment


Reword the section to read:




SECTION 3. EX-OFFICIO. The Immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors for one year following his/her term as President and may advise the incumbent President of relevant matters spanning their respective terms of office. This member shall be entitled to participate in the deliberations of the Board without a vote unless that individual shall otherwise be serving an elected term on the Board.


Purposes of the Amendment


To clarify that the purpose of the ex-officio position is to provide continuity in information between Presidents.


To limit the position to one year.


To remove redundancy in the event that the IPP is elected to another Board Position.



Submitted for the Board of Directors,



By:  Chuck Weber

        Chairman, By-Laws


Navy Nuclear Weapons Association

Webmaster Report


Our internet site, continues to get a fair number of “hits”.  We have gotten some new members from people who came across our website.  We have some folks who have used the on-line profile change feature to let us know about changes in the information such as phone, mailing address or e-mail address.


But more than that, our web site is intended to be a resource for our members.  We are regularly adding new items and I usually will put a note of the addition and a link to the area right on the home page of our site. Especially significant recently was the information about Lt. Donald Lindberg.  Our Historian has provided a synopsis of his career and Paul Roales has provided several documents from Lt. Lindberg’s personal files.  Check out the History section for that and more.


Please note that the web site also has information about your dues status.  If you become an Inactive member due to non-payment of your dues, that will be indicated in the NNWA roster on-line.  If you are an Inactive member, we will cease sending you any correspondence (mail or e-mail).  To restore your membership status, you will need to contact the Treasurer.


On the home page is a list of members, and non-members now, who were members of the Navy’s nuclear weapons community who have now passed on.  We will generally maintain the listing on the home page for 90-days.  Until recently, we only listed members on the home page (although there is a listing on non-members in the Memorial section of the website) but the Board of Directors felt that our membership would like to know of the passing of folks who used to be in the nuclear weapons field, even if they weren’t members of the NNWA.


I invite you to take some time to look through our site.  You might find that you have some certificates or patches we can add to the site.  You might find some information about old shipmates.  You might have some ideas of things that we can add to the site.  Come and add your hit on the more that 67,000 hits that we have had on


Ray C. Margeson


Navy Nuclear Weapons Association

Storekeeper Report


There will be a full selection of NNWA items for sale at the reunion.
Cash or checks only.


Navy Nuclear Weapons Association

Secretary Report               


Hello Shipmates.  As with last year, this has been an active and rewarding year for me.   It has been a pleasure and I have received many phone calls and emails from old and new members alike.  I have enjoyed each and every one of these personal contacts.  We are trying to make mailing labels and store them to cut down on the man-hours we need to get our January and June newsletters out.  We now have that in place and we can get a mailing out to our members on short notice (as was evidenced by the important letter our Service Officer sent out). Each time we do a repetitive chore, we try to make the next time easier.  All this makes our association more efficient and responsive to the membership.


Dave Cobb



Treasure Report  July 07

Frank Kelly

We now have 572 members listed on the NNWA membership roster. Of the total membership, 295 members membership dues are up to date or beyond, 43 life members ( spouses of deceased members), 45 members that are in arrears for one year, 136 members that have been placed in the inactive status due to non payment of dues for more than two years, 53 additional members will be placed in the inactive status if dues are not paid. Members in the inactive status will not receive newsletters or other correspondence until dues are paid Dues are $10.00 per year. If you are unsure if your dues are up to date and receive your newsletter by mail the date on the upper right corner of the mailing label shows you the month and year thru which your dues are paid. If you receive your newsletter electronically, and wish to know your dues date log onto our website. The last column on the right by your name on the membership roster gives your dues date. If you are on the inactive list and wish to reinstate your membership send $10.00 reinstatement fee plus $10.00 annually for each year you wish to pay your dues. This is an effective policy due to the cost of mailing newsletters and reunion information. Members not on line may request a hard copy of the membership roster by calling or writing Frank M. Kelly, 1087 Frank Kelly Road. Society Hill, SC, 29593, 843-378-4026 For the association survival, it is imperative that we keep our dues and membership roster up to date. Please review the membership roster and notify the Treasurer or any board member of any changes that should be made.


Let us welcome our new members that have joined our organization since the last newsletter

Schwartz, Duane A

Luscan, John J.

Moran, Ronald M.

Mullins, Douglas M.

Lussier, Martin O.

Havens, Harold W.

Ricks, Gregory A.

Daniels, Edward A.

Beauprez, Danny A.

Nixon, Gary C.





Financial Report

We now  have $ 19,476.30 on deposit with WACHOVIA. $ 3,500.00 has been set aside for the purchase and shipping of coffee cups to members in good standing.


Frank M. Kelly

Treasurer and keeper of the roster


The 24th Annual Reunion will be in the Seattle, Washington area, September, 2008.

Check for the latest information.