January 2014                                                        WINTER  ISSUE


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President:           Michael D. Snyder (415) 456-2876            Vice President: Frank Cantrell (864)859-3056



Secretary:          Tom Salisbury (360)254-5244                   Treasurer: Frank Kelly (843) 378-4026



Historian:          Guy Clemons                                              Webmaster:  Ray Margeson (607) 732-0579 



Storekeeper:      Jack Grieves (352)347-5269                     Master-at-Arms: Ron Moran (702) 431-2712



Chaplin:             Edward Krenk (402) 289-3291                 Director: John Gray (360) 895-3188



                           Service Officer                                     Chuck Weber



The Navy Nuclear Weapons Bulletin is produced by the Association’s Board of Directors and is distributed free to NNWA members.  Edited by Tom Salisbury




The President’s Message

January 2014


Greetings fellow Dragon Keepers;


I trust you all enjoyed pleasant winter holidays with family and friends.  For Jean and me, it was one of the best in recent memory.  We recovered from our 60 day, 8800 mile, “round the country” jaunt via upstate NY, Pigeon Forge, TN, GA, FL, TX and parts west just in time for several birthdays, Thanksgiving, then onto Christmas with its’ gift selecting, tree trimming, and outside decorations. 


As you know, our 2013 reunion, hosted by Frank Cantrell and Brenda Kelly, was held at Pigeon Forge, TN in October.  We had the third largest turnout of all the NNWA reunions with approximately 120 in attendance.  I can only begin to tell you how enjoyable the entire affair was.  The Oak Tree Lodge was an outstanding selection with the hotel service, food service, and hospitality among the best we’ve ever experienced.  There was something interesting and exciting at every turn.  Our tour to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Museum of Science and Energy was beyond description.  We saw displays and remnants of the Manhattan Project and were guided through modern research facilities by highly trained and experienced scientists.  The NNWA was granted the final in-depth tour of Oak Ridge.  Future tours will be severely curtailed for cost savings.  When coupled with past NNWA reunion visits to White Sands Missile Range, Trinity Site, Nevada Test Site, Sandia Laboratory Museum, and Los Alamos National Laboratory; we’ve covered just about all of our special weapons history.  After Oak Ridge we were treated to a walking tour of the fabulous Biltmore Estates with its’ home and gardens and a driving trip through the Great Smoky Mountains.  The weather cooperated spectacularly and from all accounts, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thank You Frank and Brenda!  Yours was a flawless performance.


We seated a new NNWA Board of Directors in October with a bit of rearranging and one new member.  Tom Salisbury relieved Davy Cobb as Secretary.  Dave served on the Board and as Secretary for more than ten years.  This newsletter is Tom’s first product and I think it turned out well.  Thank you Tom for assuming this important and time consuming role.  Guy Clemons, our latest addition, relieved me as Historian of thirteen years and enclosed our irreplaceable store of memorabilia in a dedicated trailer, something we’ve contemplated for years.  We look forward to his display innovations. Larry Sneide hung up his red shirt this year and declined nomination to the board. A long-time board member, Larry strongly contributed to the organization and structure we now bring to reunion planning. All other Board members retain their current functions.  Webmaster, Ray Margeson, consulted with Chuck Weber, Service Officer, and together initiated a new section of the website entitled “Service Officer”.  Chuck is updating this section almost daily adding current information and removing obsolete items.


Finally, your Board is working with prospective hosts to identify the site of the 2014 reunion.  While not yet firm we are investigating two locations in Nevada.  Our charter recommends we hold reunions between mid-September and mid-October each year and it appears we will be able to satisfy that tasking.  The NNWA Board will publish a special e-mail, Facebook, and printed newsletter announcing our decision as soon as possible, but most likely in March.  Keep the fall dates open!  Despite the late announcement, the 2014 reunion promises to be another good one.

I wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR with the hope that it will be productive, safe, and healthy.

Thank You for the opportunity to continue to perform as your President.  Remember, you can write to me or any member of the Board with issues, questions, or your memoirs. 


Mike Snyder



Vice Presidents Message


I wish to extend a very hearty welcome to all new and reinstated members, especially those who were able to attend our 2013 reunion.


I cannot begin to find the proper words to thank Co-hostess Brenda Kelly, the ever present Frank Kelly, Board Members and many of the general membership who worked hard to make the 2013 reunion a resounding success. I offer a gracious Thank You to all of you.


I would like to direct everyone’s attention to our SOP/PDL on our website. For those without computer access a copy may be requested by contacting our Secretary Tom Salisbury. Just drop Tom a brief note at 13512 NE 80th Circle Vancouver, WA 98682 and he will drop a copy in the mail for you. As we have continued to grow and refine our procedures it has become apparent that some changes are called for in the coming year. I WELCOME ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS THAT ANY OF YOU MIGHT HAVE TO UPDATE OUR SOP/PDL. I know from talking with several of you have some great ideas to help us to improve what we currently have, so shoot them in to me at the earliest opportunity.

Have a great day,


Frank Cantrell



Treasurers Report

As the treasurer and keeper of the roster let me welcome our new and reinstated members since the last newsletter. We have 24 new and reinstated members for 2013, somewhat short of the 47 in 2012.


Colbow, James T

Moran ,John C

Williams,Thomas J

Yates, Scott A.

Garrett, Clayton

Flechs, Ronald D.

Whidden, David D.

Guidi, Murry

Newman, Michael W.

Harter, Paul B.

Coleman, George W.

Von Tish, Eric A.


We now have 753 members listed on the membership roster: 327 members is good standing, 54 life members (spouses of deceased members) 266 past members (members with unpaid dues for more than three years), 106 members with dues in arrears, 1 honorary member (NAAV), and 1 Gray Dragon who is relieved of annual dues. Past members will not receive news letters or reunion information until their dues are brought up to date. Membership is $10.00 per year. Past members can be reinstated by sending $10.00 reinstatement fee plus$10.00 for each year they wish to pay their dues. This is an effective policy due to the cost of mailing newsletters and reunion information. If you are unsure whether your dues are up to date and receive your newsletters by mail, the date in the upper right corner of the mailing shows the month and year to which your dues are paid. If you receive your newsletter electronically and wish to know your dues date: Log onto our website ( The dues date will be listed in the date column on the right of your name on the membership roster. Some members find it convenient to pay dues several years in advance. This can save you postage and the Treasurer, Secretary, and Web Master a considerable amount of time in processing payment.


The following members have been listed as past members because their dues being in the arrears for three or more years. If you know the status of any of these members please notify the Treasurer or any member of the board and encourage them to bring their dues up to date.


Barstow, Charles E.

Blevins Kenneth E

Boatwright, Burrel T

Bortmas, Willis R

Bruno, Joseph

Dibble, Joel B

Dillon, John F

Ewing, Thomas E

Fox, Wayne P

Galdenzi, Amio T

Grokowski, Dennis A

Hallahan, Edward T

Jewell, Glenn A

Matich, Michael V

McGlynn, Michael J

McVey, Samuel K.

Micco, Don

Milano, Nicholas P

Mumm, Shawn C

Pearson, James D

Redeford, Jimmie L

Shanks, Wayne C

Smith, Peter M

Watson, David C

Kehoe, James W

Young, Raymond D.





The current membership roster is posted on our website ( . Member not on line can request a hard copy by calling or writing Frank M. Kelly, 1087 Frank Kelly Road, Society Hill , S.C. 29593  PH# 843-378-4026.  Again for our survival it is imperative that we keep our roster up to date. Some members have indicated that they are not receiving our newsletter. If you do not have access to a computer drop our Secretary Tom Salisbury a note and he will ensure that one is provided.

Please review the roster and notify the Treasurer or any member of the board of any changes in your status.


We now have $22,139.00 on deposit with Wells Fargo with no outstanding debts.


Frank Kelly

Treasurer and keeper of the roster


Secretary’s Report

October 10, 2013

Pigeon Forge, TN.


President Mike Snyder called the meeting of the 28th annual NNWA reunion to order at 0900 October 10, 2013. The reunion was held at the Oak Tree Lodge in Sevierville, TN.


All board members were present except for Ray Margeson and John Gray. The meeting was attended by 61 members in good standing.


The President asked for all present to stand for the opening prayer by Chaplain Ed Krenk followed by the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag. All present remained standing as the Chaplain Ed Krenk conducted the two bell ceremony to honor our shipmates who transferred to the Supreme Commanders Staff:


LCDR Sam Gath

CWO4 Robert O. King

LCDR Milford Stanley

CWO4 Daniel Sauer

GMTCS Robert Tome

LCDR Douglas Weaver


Ellamae Weaver



The President welcomed all reunion participants and thanked them for their participation. A special emphasis was noted for the new members who were welcomed by a hearty round of applause.


The President called for the minutes of last year’s general membership meeting to be read.


The minutes of the 2012 business meeting were read by the Secretary.


The President called for any additional information for inclusion in the minutes.


Hearing none the President entertained a motion to accept the minutes as read. A motion was moved, seconded and passed.


The Secretary reported no additional information to report.


The President called for the Treasurers Report

a.       The Treasurer passed out copies of the financial report to the membership. The Treasurer reported that the only outstanding bills to be paid were for this year’s reunion. The Treasurer reminded those present to not leave copies of the financial report lying around. It was requested that they take the report with them or destroy them.

b.      The President asked for a motion to pay all outstanding bills. A motion was moved, seconded and passed.

The President reported on the 2013 Association accomplishments as follows:

a.       This last year saw a new Gray Dragon John Cummings. In January 2013 President Mike Snyder traveled to Chula Vista, CA to bestow the Gray Dragon award to Mr. Cummings. A very interesting article is available on the NNWA website regard John Cummings naval career.

The President asked for individual board member’s reports:

a.       Secretary’s Report:

1.      Nothing further to report.

b.      Treasurer’s Report:

1.      Nothing further to report.


c.       Service Officer’s Report:

1.      The Service Officer, Chuck Weber, provided great input on what a Service Officer can do for us and how to find one in our areas. Additionally, Chuck advised to those present that he had a table available with useful handouts available to those with questions. In addition Chuck offered to provide individual consultations as desired.

 d.      Historian Report:

1.      Mike Snyder reported that he was stepping down as the NNWA historian. He emphasized the importance of each one of us to document our careers. As we are a “last man standing” organization if we do not tell our story it won’t get told. Mike also announced that Guy Clemons had stepped up and volunteered to become the new Historian.


e.       Chaplain Report: 

1.      Nothing further to report.


Unfinished Business

The President thanked Brenda Kelly and Frank Cantrell and all of those who helped with this outstanding reunion. The membership gave them a round of applause for all of their efforts.


The Hospitality Room will be secured at 1200 hours today so preparations can be made for the dinner dance.


New Business

The first order of new business the President announced that six positions were open on the board and up for election by the Membership. He informed the Membership that in accordance with the By-Laws, the following Officer positions were also up for election by the new Board during the Board Meeting to follow the General Business meeting. He then turned the gavel over to the Nominations and Elections Chairman Tom Salisbury to conduct appropriate nominations and elections.


Tom provided an overview of the qualifications and responsibilities of being a Board member. You must be a member in good standing and have email capability. Nominations were opened with our June 2013 Newsletter which was provided to each member via email or postal service. The nomination period was closed effective August 15th without comment and was suspended.


         New Nomination       Y/N           Present at meeting              In good standing


         Guy Clemons                Yes                        Yes                                     Yes




         Vice President

         Frank Cantrell               Yes                        Yes                                     Yes



         Frank Kelly                   Yes                        Yes                                     Yes 



         Dave Cobb                   No                         Yes                                     Yes



         Mike Snyder                 No                         Yes                                     Yes



         Ray Margeson              Yes                        No*                                     Yes

*Absent. Accepted nomination in writing.


Two Director positions are available, however no one has been put forth for nomination.


Nominations from the floor was opened to fill two Directors positions. One who had resigned and one whose two year term had expired.


Hearing no nominations. A motion was made to close nominations. A second was made and passed.


The Board of Directors placed the following names in nomination for the position of Director for the term 2014 – 2015. Each has indicated their willingness to accept such nomination.


Frank Cantrell Frank Kelly Ray Margeson Guy Clemons


A motion from the floor was made that the Secretary of the Corporation cast a single vote for those nominated which will reflect the unanimous consent of the membership present at this meeting. Motion was seconded and passed.


The newly elected Directors received a round of applause.


Elections were closed and the gavel was returned to the President.


The President called for any additional New Business items from the floor. Hearing none he asked the Chaplain to close us in prayer.


The General Business meeting was closed at 10:22 October 10th, 2013.


Tom Salisbury

NNWA Secretary



Webmaster Report


On or about the first of each month, the on-line roster is reviewed for the status of dues of the listed members.  If the dues expired two month prior the first of the month being reviewed, the dues status of the individual is changed to Delinquent in a red font.  The following year, if the dues have still not been renewed and membership reinstated with dues now one year in arrears, any mailing information for the member will be deleted from the roster.  On the next year, with dues over two years in arrears, the member’s name will be stricken from the on-line roster.


We have begun an effort to send an e-mail to members affected to bring to their attention the expired dues status, but such an e-mail is not a guarantee – you need to check your dues status and don’t forget, if you change your address or phone number or e-mail address, please let us know.

To renew your dues, open, complete and print the renewal application and mail with your check to the NNWA Treasurer.


Ray Margeson


Spalling and Exudate

                                         NNWA Historian Report January 2014


I was appointed the NNWA historian in 2013, relieving Mike Snyder who admirably performed in this position for the past 13 years. I have big shoes to fill and I will do my best to display our memorabilia at each reunion in the best possible way and with as many items as I can with the room that is available. Since taking over as Historian at the Pigeon Forge reunion I have received many new items to incorporate into the collection. I am currently working on refurbishing the weapons models and working to get them to a 1:48 scale. I will be continuing the push for each and every member to write their history, now it does not have to be just your military experiences it is all of your life experiences. If you start by writing your military duties and timelines and then start writing different moments in your history, you will find that you have many, many memorable events. There is no format to follow just write it down.


If you have any military items (photos, documents, cruise books, weapons parts, weapons manuals, certificates, awards, etc.) that you would like to donate to our growing collection, your donation is very much welcome. You can mail your items to me or you can bring them to the reunion.


It is an honor for me to serve as your Navy Nuclear Weapons Association Historian.


Guy Clemons, NNWA Historian / Memorabilia Custodian




As noted in the Presidents Report, the Service Officer is providing legislative, medical administrative, VA, retiree, and myriad general information items significant to our membership directly to the website.  This procedure provides new information on a timely basis, allows updates of changing data, and removes expired and obsolete information when required.  Unfortunately, this process tends to leave our older members who are not computer literate out of the picture.  However, the Board of Directors intuitively feels that these members are closely associated with friends and family who can easily review the website periodically for the latest information. 


The Board urges you to occasionally go to   WWW.NAVYNUCWEPS.COM   and check out the active postings.  They appear on the right side of the home (front) page.  Clicking on “Service Officer Postings” at the top of the column will lead you to a complete list of discussion items.  Clicking on individual items will provide you with a detailed discussion of the topic, replete with source information and authors.


Since the start of the New Year Chuck Weber has posted these items on our website. 

·         Tricare launches pharmacy cost calculator -

·         National Defense Authorization Act 2014 -

·         Retiree Appreciation Days 2014 -

·         Veteran Charity Watch Update – Donating Wisely -

·         Veteran Legislation 113th Congress - As of 31 Dec 2013 -

·         Tricare Retiree Dental Plan - Open for New Enrollments -

·         DFAS 1099-R Access Requesting Duplicate Copies -

·         COLA 2016 – Breaking down the House Vote -

·         VA Burial Benefit - New Monetary Burial Award Rules -

·         VA Open Data Policy at a New Website -

·         Do Not Call Registry Scam - How it Works -


This is invaluable information provided by our loyal Service Officer, Chuck Weber.  His contact information is a follows:






Mike Snyder