Presentation given on October 15, 2011 at the NNWA Reunion in Albuquerque, NM by CWO4 Robert O. King, USN RET and Plankowner of the NNWA

2011 The USA Year in Review


Found us involved in wars in faraway lands

Not exactly the reason to strike up the band

But that would bring me to what I have to say

The cost of freedom comes with a high price to pay



We celebrate the birth of two presidents

One who fought the war that created the birth of our Nation

The other used a war to reunite out Nation



Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day

They and many other immigrants came to this wonderful land

For the promise of freedom and all the bounty they could stand



Creates the showers that bring to life all the crops and flowers

To beautify this country for all the world to see

How magnificent it is from sea to shining sea



Brought an event that will need no remake

And sent a message to others when we cut off the head of the snake

And I say this without the least bit of disdain

Bravo Zulu to our Navy Seals for putting a bullet in Ben Ladin's brain

It also brings a day that we need to stop, pause and recall

That to our Veterans, all gave some and some gave all

They say I'm a Flag waver and that is so true

And I will proudly always stand by the red, white and blue



We honor the Flag of this great country and strive to endeavor

To remember those who dies defending the stars and stripes forever



This is when we broke free from any foreign dependence

And proudly declared our own independence

So gather with friends and keep the Flag handy

And proudly proclaim "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy"



The international community finally made things current

And for that tin horn dictator issued an arrest warrant

And Khadafi better get his flying carpet off the ground

Especially if he hears a copter land in his compound



We remember a day with very much sorrow

For the victims of 9-11 there will be no tomorrow

But since then we have done our best to turn the tide

Remember, you jerks, you can run but you can't hide



And I'd be remiss if we didn't get our share of the gravy

And thank the men and women of the U.S. NAVY



May this be the month when together we band

To thank God for the blessings of this great land



And he is a man who at his job is no rookie

And it's my guess he's pretty turned off those darn milK and cookies

But remember it's done for one good reason

To welcome in a most Joyous Season

For the freedom we enjoy many had had to pay

But there still ain't no place like the good ole USA

And the man in the song said it much better than I

So I'll just quote him rather than even try

"I'll proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today

Cause there ain't no doubt I live it best GOD BLESS THE USA"