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The Legend of Santa Barbara - 

Patron Saint of Cannoneers and Ordnance Men







Ever feel like a Dinosaur????  Well, due to the current

world situation, we have all become dinosaurs of a sort.

But there is another way of looking at the passing of

 the Nuclear age.  We were members of a unique

 government project.  We saw it in its infancy, watched

it mature through years of confrontation and peaceful

deterrence, and now, thankfully, see it die for lack of



Don’t sell yourselves short, shipmates!  If it were not

for our effort, dedication, and years of hard work in less

than desirable conditions, this great nation would never

have been in the position to negotiate the Arms

Reduction Treaties that are now before congress.


We worked under a veil of secrecy, and will never be

publicly thanked for our efforts; but there is some thing

you can do.  Simply look in the mirror every morning

and know that you, aside from all others, made one of

the greatest contributions that this country and

mankind will ever know.You, Shipmates, were one of  the



LCDR Thomas H. Best Sr. USN (ret)

January 2000








August 25, 2014


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