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Life in W Division Questions

1)            Would you please indicate your name, rank and rate(s) if applicable?

 2)            Were you involved in Navy special weapons from the start of your Navy Career or were you brought into the program only after having been in the service for some time?

 3)            What were you impressions upon becoming acquainted with the level of security associated with special weapons?

 4)            What carrier(s) did you serve on?

 5)            Would you please describe the layout and any lasting impressions of the special weapons areas(s) on the ships you served on?

 6)            Would you please describe the process required to enter the special weapons area?

 7)            Who were allowed and who were not allowed to enter the area?

 8)            This number skipped in Mr. Edwards question series

 9)            To what extent were you encouraged or discouraged to fraternize with other members of ships company?

 10)        Would you please describe your impressions of the berthing arrangement on the ships you served on?  Was there any occasion when the crew slept in the special weapons storage area?

 11)        To the extent that you can and feel comfortable, would you please describe a typical day as a member of W Division?

 12)        Were there times during which special weapons drills were held?  How hectic and stressful were these drills?

 13)        While off watch, how did you pass the time?

 14)        Are there any other memories you would like to share concerning your time working with Navy special Weapons?