"Keepers of the Dragon"

Las Cruces Reunion Photos

September 2002


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2002 reception.jpg (50400 bytes)

The Reception Crew

Dragon1.JPG (267139 bytes)

The Dragon - thanks Eldon

hospitality3.JPG (265804 bytes)

Hospitality Suite is full!!

hospitality5.JPG (234393 bytes)

Getting Acquainted - 

Bill Grizzard and Jim Hambley

memory1.JPG (185541 bytes)

Memorabilia Room Models

memory2.JPG (208187 bytes)

Memorabilia Room Plaques

memory3.JPG (224303 bytes)

Options, SEP, etc.

memory4.JPG (211666 bytes)

Recognize the T-290?

Fermi reactor.JPG (168301 bytes)

Graphite from CP-1 -

1st Nuclear Reactor

hospitality7.JPG (225742 bytes)

More models


El Paso Missions tour, hayride and dinner at Ft. Misery

On the way.JPG (245405 bytes)

On our way for the tour

busy eating lunch.JPG (252742 bytes)

We are too busy eating an Indian lunch to look at the camera...

mission1.JPG (171441 bytes)

An El Paso Mission

mission 2.JPG (218502 bytes)

Inside the El Paso Mission

missiion3.JPG (173540 bytes)

Another El Paso mission

Ft misery standing.JPG (282847 bytes)

Waiting for the Hayride

Hayride.JPG (241628 bytes)

Eee-hah - a hayride in New Mexico

battle of ft misery.JPG (197820 bytes)

Site of a war movie

ft misery entrance.JPG (229368 bytes)

Entrance to Ft. Misery

drivershake.jpg (34307 bytes)

Here we are - but the bus driver is shaky cameraman

ft misery from on high.JPG (259065 bytes)

Overlooking Fort Misery



sunset ft misery.JPG (201914 bytes)

Sunset on Indian Cliffs above Ft. Misery


Tour of Trinity Site

Site of 1st nuclear detonationon July 16, 1945 at

White Sands Missile Range

Trinity1.JPG (153787 bytes)

The Long Road There


TrinityTourers.jpg (48594 bytes)

Here we all are...

Trinity5.JPG (282283 bytes)

.......The gang's all here

Trinity6.JPG (228388 bytes)

..We have exclusive tour rights this day


Trinity7.JPG (272988 bytes)

Glass-like trinitite from site


Trinity9.JPG (191019 bytes)

Jumbo - unused but abused


Trinity 10.JPG (301864 bytes)

McDonald Ranch



Trinity4.JPG (270639 bytes)



Memorial Obelisk Trinity8.JPG (324512 bytes)


Saturday Night 

Dinner Dance

Las Cruces Hilton


The entertainers.JPG (240384 bytes)

The Entertainers


Entertaining.JPG (232745 bytes)


Dance the night out.JPG (224086 bytes)

Dance the night out...


ExGovernor and spouse.JPG (255362 bytes)

Guest speaker and wife

Frank and Linda.JPG (187343 bytes)

Frank and Linda

Jack_John_Ray _spouses_fixed.jpg (25129 bytes)

The O'Malias, Grieves and Margesons

Lets here it.JPG (253951 bytes)

...and the good word is...

Jack Grieves and Marge.JPG (177139 bytes)

and more dancing..

Old shipmates.JPG (184936 bytes)


Grizzard2.JPG (162403 bytes)

Bill & Nina's granddaughter

Shipmates.JPG (236377 bytes)

Old shipmates


Miscellaneous Photos from the 2002 Reunion in Las Cruces

CO'Shouse..FtBliss..circa40's.jpg (420749 bytes)

CO's Home, Ft. Bliss 1940s

Jrnoncomhousecirca40'sFtBliss.jpg (418102 bytes)

Jr NCO Home Ft Bliss


Non-ComRowFtBlisscirca40's.jpg (452955 bytes)

Non-Com Row House

Ft. Bliss - 1940s

OfficersRowFtBlisscirca40's.jpg (429644 bytes)

Officer's Row - Ft. Bliss


OldFtBliss.jpg (433032 bytes)

Old Ft. Bliss

Onewing..OldFtBliss.jpg (454773 bytes)

Wing of old Ft. Bliss

TheHUGEMexicanflagatborder.jpg (430830 bytes)

Huge Mexican flag at border

2002reunion005.jpg (476171 bytes) 2002reunion006.jpg (478674 bytes) 2002reunion008.jpg (425740 bytes) 2002reunion009.jpg (450304 bytes)
2002reunion014.jpg (416726 bytes) 2002reunion015.jpg (426621 bytes) 2002reunion016.jpg (427142 bytes) 2002reunion010.jpg (423343 bytes)
aerialtram..ElPaso.jpg (445229 bytes) BobMaske&SamSamsel..ElPaso.jpg (419288 bytes) ElPaso.jpg (431119 bytes) FrankCostello..ElPaso.jpg (423852 bytes)
Following photos taken at the American Legion Hall
NNWA039.jpg (481741 bytes) NNWA040.jpg (472399 bytes) NNWA041.jpg (488974 bytes) NNWA042.jpg (483964 bytes)
NNWA043.jpg (487405 bytes) NNWA044.jpg (450043 bytes) NNWA045.jpg (444500 bytes) NNWA046.jpg (445621 bytes)
NNWA047.jpg (459015 bytes) NNWA048.jpg (459550 bytes) NNWA049.jpg (478444 bytes) NNWA050.jpg (466443 bytes)
NNWA051.jpg (454155 bytes) NNWA052.jpg (458914 bytes)

Ranger'58crew&wives.jpg (453752 bytes)

Ranger '58 Crew & Wives

Ranger'58crew.jpg (474629 bytes)

Ranger '58 Crew