Navy Nuclear Weapons Association

"Keepers of the Dragon"


Selected Photos from the 2004 Reunion of the NNWA


September 27-October 2, 2004.

Our reunion this year was our first cruising reunion.  We were scheduled to depart the Port of Tampa, Florida on September 27, 2004 about the Carnival Sensation.  Shipmate Owen Johnson was host for this cruise and he had made all arrangements including the Best Western Bradon Conference Center for pre- and post-cruise accommodations and shuttle transportation to and from the ship's embarkation dock.

On September 26, 2005 we were visited by Hurricane Jeanne, the fourth hurricane to hit Florida in two months.  Although the Tampa area was just missed by the Hurricane (highest sustained winds were about 66 mph with gusts about 76), there were power outages, trees toppled and other minor damage.

Power went out in our hotel about 8:30AM.  During the day we hung around the lobby (lots of windows and good view of the storm).  As dark approached, the hotel brought in a small emergency generator to provide lighting in the lobby.

We got the word that the Port of Tampa wouldn't be open until Tuesday so our cruise would be shortened by one day.  We ended up not stopping at Grand Cayman (although we understood that the island had been severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan and we didn't know if we would have even been able to stop there.  Later we found out that the itinerary for the Sensation HAD been changed to stop along the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The hotel brought in a caterer who provided $5.00 a all-you-can-eat buffet with hot foods since no restaurants were open.  Also available were beers at $1.00.

Power was restored in the hotel about 8:30PM so air-conditioning was restored for a good nights sleep.

We departed on the cruise on September 28th under clear blue skies and on time with the new schedule.  We cruised to Cozumel where we stayed for a full day.  The return to Tampa was also on time with good weather for the whole trip.


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