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"Keepers of the Dragon"


Selected Photos from the 2003 Reunion of the NNWA


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BobLindaSabraBillSandyTop.jpg (16768 bytes) Bill and Norma Snapp.jpg (21253 bytes) Bill and Nina Grizzard.jpg (10042 bytes)
Bob, Linda, Sabra, Bill, Sandy & Tom Norma and Bill Snapp Nina and Bill Grizzard
Bob & Laurie McGee.jpg (12888 bytes) Board & Spouses.jpg (158466 bytes) Solveig and Charles Ross.jpg (20114 bytes)
Bob & Laurie McGee Board of Directors & Spouses Solveig & Charles Ross
Hospitality1.jpg (152902 bytes) Branson_Belle.jpg (50550 bytes) Hospitality2.jpg (50815 bytes)
In the Hospitality Suite On the Branson Belle Still in the Hospitality Suite
Settle_Inn.jpg (48692 bytes) Guest_speaker.jpg (39651 bytes) Waikele_Crew.jpg (39997 bytes)
The Settle Inn Our Guest Speaker Waikele Crew
Check Purdie and Debbie and John OMalia and Nancy.jpg (72337 bytes) Chow down.jpg (279501 bytes) Dave and Shirley Schiffman.jpg (78893 bytes)
Chuck Purdie, Debbie, John O'Malia and Nancy Chow Down at the Dinner Dance Dave & Shirley Schiffman
Bill & Dar Meline.jpg (169914 bytes) Ed & Jo MacDonald.jpg (33970 bytes) Jack & Marge Grieves.jpg (193009 bytes)
Bill & Dar Meline Ed & Jo MacDonald Jack & Marge Grieves
DESERT BUMS FROM LAKE MEAD BASE.JPG (181313 bytes) Kitty Hawk WDiv.jpg (174219 bytes) Small part of historian display.jpg (102466 bytes)
Desert Bums from Lake Mead Base W-Div - USS Kitty Hawk Small Part of History Display
Susan Our Best Friend In Branson.jpg (52490 bytes) USS Ranger Crew.jpg (294292 bytes) Waikele Crew.jpg (72292 bytes)
Susan - Our "Best Friend in Branson" USS Ranger crew Waikele crew
Bill and Sabra Filbert.jpg (125105 bytes) Ed and Sharon Krenk.jpg (142462 bytes) Jim, Hambley and Kitty.jpg (130959 bytes)
Bill & Sabra Filbert Ed & Sharon Krenk Jim Hambley & Kitty
John Paul and Janet Jones.jpg (98379 bytes) Jud and Pat Fager.jpg (101203 bytes) Mike and Jean Snyder.jpg (94114 bytes)
John Paul and Janet Jones Jud & Pat Fager Mike & Jean Snyder
Milford & Vicky Stanley.jpg (120308 bytes) Odell and Marietta Love.jpg (82514 bytes) Thumbs up from the President and a board memberjpg.jpg (162381 bytes)
Milford & Vicky Stanley Odell & Marrieta Love Thumbs Up! from the Prez
Two good looking ladies and Roger Lankford.jpg (231232 bytes) Walter and Martha Webb.jpg (105491 bytes)
Two good-looking ladies and Roger Lankford Walter & Martha Webb









February 22, 2012


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