Navy Retired Activities Website     Quick Retiree Reference Info


Have you ever needed quick access to some bit of information about your retirement that you don’t have? Have you visited the Navy Retired Activities Branch website? The site — — offers a variety of documents and links to information and sources to answer many questions you may have. After clicking to the site, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find those links organized under sections such as “Survivor Benefits,” “Retiree Toolbox,” “Hot Links,” “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs),” and more. In addition to those links, you will find contact information for the Retired Activities Branch, archived Retiree Council reports, and steps needed to get a new retiree identification card. You can also contact the Retired Activities Branch through the Navy Personnel Command Customer Service Center. Call 1-866-827-5672 and ask to speak with the Retired Activities Branch.

Source:  Shift Colors, Winter 2014