United State Navy Polaris

from the Wayne Shook Collection



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FBM OST Support Unit Two

Naval Ordnance Suitability Test Unit


US Naval Ordnance Test Unit

USNS Observation Island




Brute Force


USS Proteus (AS-19)


USS Proteus (AS-19)

Uniform rocker


USS Proteus (AS-19)

W-4 Division


USS Proteus (AS-19)

Weapons Repair



USS Hunley (AS-31)

1963 Patch



Navy Support Activity

Forward Base

Holy Loch, Scotland


Polaris Patch






POMFPAC 1965 Patch






USNS Norwalk


Polaris Resupply - Atlantic



USNS Furman


Polaris Resupply - Pacific







Trident Memorabilia  

Sandia - Trident - W76


Trident II



Mark-6 Trident

Guidance Program


Trident Training Facility

Kings Bay


POMFPAC Re-Entry Body Shop Crew 1964-1967


Lt. Willyard *

Ens. Frank Delise

YN1 Charles Gmeiner *


GMTC Alvin Perowitz *

GMTC Ray Greer


GMT1 Tommy Rollins *

GMT1 Holden


GMT2 Wayne Shook *

GMT2 William Dillon *

GMT2 Gaylen Austin

GMT2 Randall Tanner


GMT3 Steve Elwiss *

GMT3 Larry Jones *

GMT3 Kevin Pyle


Lockheed Civilian Rep. Art Redfield *


Re-Entry Body Shop crew arrived on site July 64

Base Commissioned Sep 64

Shop NTPI Nov 64

Base Certified Dec 64

1st SSBN load-out Apr 65


* = Plank Owners