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The Navy Nuclear Weapons Association  (NNWA) is a nationwide organization of military and civilian participants in the US Navy Department nuclear weapons program during the years 1946 to present. Many of our members meet annually in September or October at various locations across the US to reminisce with long-lost friends, provide support with veterans affairs and medical information, visit historical sites, enjoy quality entertainment in hospitable environs, and salute our departed. The NNWA invites you to join our society of cold-War Keepers of the Dragon"

We publish semi-annual newsletters with information concerning our unique experiences while in the Navy.  We are a not for profit corporation governed by a membership approved By-Laws, an SOP/PDL and an elected Board of Directors We maintain a NNWA roster of all members, their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, so that you may find some long-lost shipmates. 




The new Gray Dragon is

        Frederick Wacha


Gray Dragon


Reunion 2023 will be in Tucson, AZ from November 5th thru 10th



If you did not receive the monthly website update email

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January 27, 2023

Website changes in last two months

1/26 - Added Sweatshirts to NNWA Supply Annex

1/22 - Added new member GMT2 David Shirley

1/18 - Added new member WT1 Lyle S. Pearson

1/11 - Published the latest NNWA Bulletin

12/20 - Noted passing of GMT2 Joseph W. Christian

12/16 - Published Gray Dragon's biography

12/16  - Noted passing of GMTC Bernie Pilger

12/15 - Richard Gurule is requesting help about radiatiion exposure. Check in Help

12/13 - Noted passing of member EM3 Philip J. Kimble

12/5 - Noted passing of member CWO3 William H. Ooten

  Looking for

  • David Ruff is looking for GMT2 Gary Lee

  • Joel Lowery asking about members stationed on  USS Lake Champlain CVS 39, USS Saratoga CVA 60 or USS Independence CVA 62 from 1956 thru 1960 

Seeking Help

Bob Daigle is asking if any NWs between 1958-1961 have records of exposure in their records or if they were monitored


Richard Gurule also has questions about exposure records


TAPS for those who were in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Program

and passed since our last reunion

Joseph W. Christian


       19 December 2022  12/16

Bernie Pilger


       13 December 2022  12/16

Philip J. Kimble


      3 December 2022  12/13

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William H. Ooten


      5 December 2022  12/5

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Frederick C. Langenohl


       1 June 2008  11/5

Christopher Brown


        31 October 2022  11/2

Jack Knapp


        10 October 2022  10/18

Victor L. Dowdy

    GMTC  10/11

9 September 2021

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Randall Lee Ward

    WTCS  8/29

9 December 2017

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Robert D. Wiley III

     WT  7/21

31 July  2022

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Bruce C. Hill

     GMTC  7/21

12 July  2022

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Dale Brannen

     WTC  7/21

14 July 2022

Troy Lynn Tutton

     WT3  7/1

30 June 2022

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Dale R. Dunlap

     WT3  6/3

1 June 2022

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Joseph C. Weeks

     GMT1  5/21

18 March 2022

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Ronald C. Yochum, Jr

     GMT  5/20

15 May 2022

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TAPS for a spouse

The following spouse of a Navy's Nuclear Weapons Association member is deceased.

Kathleen F. (Mark S.) Gallagher

  2 February 2022 3/3

    Daniel (Dorene) Heneger

        14 November 2022 11/23




January 27, 2023

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